Privacy Policy


Our site is fully in HTTPS, all your requests are thus encrypted with SSL before they reach us.

Query anonymization

We do not transfer any information when relaying those queries, they are completely anonymized. Note however that since product images are still hosted by Amazon, they have knowledge of which product you view.

Personal information

We do not store any personal information related to those queries. Though they are cached for some time, the cached version only remembers the textual query, its category, etc. and not who made it.


We use a single cookie to store the country that was detected or selected, in order not to bother the users with that too often. These cookies are only used to compute the shipping costs associated with the query results and for nothing else.



Amazon API does not allow us to guarantee availability nor precise price of products. Some promotions or free shipping periods can make products cheaper, shipping can on the contrary be more expensive for heavy products in some categories.

Amazon sometimes misclassifies products leading us to miscalculate the price. The API also often misquotes prices of Kindle eBooks.

Please double check the final amount shown before completing your purchase and do not forget that import taxes might be due.

Moreover, though we use daily updated exchange rates, your bank might use slightly different rates, and even add some conversion charge.

Note, finally, that our search is not exhaustive (the API forbids so).



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